Dynamic drive pool

Macierze scalableDDP

ddp sacableThe scalable redundant DDP series are modular Ethernet SAN Shared Storage Servers.
For high bandwidths DDPHeadF instead of DDPHead is required. These storage arrays can be lled with HDs and SSDs with various capacities. The DDP consists of one or two DDP Heads who act as the metadata controller and up to 20 units of non-redundant 16EX and 24EX or fully redundant 16EXR, 24EXR or 60EXR storage arrays.

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Macierze microDDP

ddp micro2Is your company involved in using OB Vans, SNG cars and or ENG teams or other ways to do outside registrations? Registrations such as sports events, news, festivals, business presentations, !lm shoots? There are more and more outside registrations with more and more cameras with more and more content to be handled and judged before it can be released. Also in more and more cases immediate checking and editing of material is required.

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Macierze standaloneDDP

ddp 24d noshadowThe standalone DDPs are modular Ethernet SAN Shared Storage Servers in a box with built in metadata controller. It uses enterprise HD and SSD packs which can be con gured in RAID 5 or 6. The DDP is called hybrid when both HD and SSD packs are installed. Both HD and SSD packs can be of di erent capacity.
DDPs can come partly populated so that additional HD and or SSD packs can be added later. DDP48DF base system is required for very high bandwidths.

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Macierze miniDDP

ddp miniThe MiniDDP48D is a modular all flash Ethernet SAN Shared Storage Server in one box.

The miniDDP48D has a built in metadata controller and can be configured with RAID 5 sets of SSDs. It currently can hold up to 48 SSDs with capacities od 1, 2 and 4TB. It can be partly populated so additional SSD packs can be added later.

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DDP - Unikalna technologia Ethernet SAN, HD, SSD, Hybrid

ddp nab2017 bannerDDP wykorzystuje unikalną technologię Ethernet SAN dla HD, SD, HYBRID. Macierze serii DDP oferują modułową architekturę, wykorzystują technologię Ethernet SAN, używają grupy dysków SSD  i HD. Wyposażone są w pamięć podręczną SSD i w technikę rozpraszania obciążenia „load balancing”  oraz ochronę danych „mirroring”.

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