Decimator - MD-HX

HDMI/SDI Cross Converter for 3G/HD/SD - Available Now!


The MD-HX from Decimator Design is their new, miniature and low-cost HDMI/SDI down up cross converter with Scaling and Frame Rate conversion.

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SDI to Composite and HDMI Down Converter (3G/HD/SD)

The Decimator 2 from Decimator Design allows you to view any format of SDI on a composite or HDMI monitor with de-embedded audio. Scale either output simultaneously and perform aspect ratio conversion on the HDMI output.

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Decimator - MD-CROSS

HDMI/SDI Cross Converter for 3G/HD/SD with Scaling, Frame Rate Conversion, Overlays and TPG.

The MD-CROSS from Decimator Design is a feature-packed HDMI/SDI down up cross converter including a professional Test Pattern Generator.

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Decimator - MD-DUCC

SDI to SDI, HDMI and Analogue Video for 3G/HD/SD (with 2x AES/EBU or 2x Analogue Audio outputs)

The MD-DUCC from Decimator Design is a must have for any broadcast professional; the variety of functions it performs eliminate the need for several products. Input any format of SDI and select whatever output format you require - whether in SDI, HDMI, or analogue.

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Decimator - DMON-4S

Quad SDI to HDMI Multiviewer and Converter for 3G/HD/SD

The DMON-4S from Decimator Design includes 4 independent SDI inputs and 4 independent HDMI outputs.  This means you have the flexibility to either use it as an SDI to HDMI Quad Split, as an SDI to HDMI converter, or as a 1 to 4 distribution amplifier - all in one low-cost, miniature box.

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