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IBC 2013 - DK-Technologies

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DK Meter goes
'All In'
dk 5All Features, in All DK Meters
We have given the DK Meter a major user interface overhaul and have completely removed our license structure in the same go. This allows full access to all software features in all meters including: Bargraphs, Moving Coil, StarFish, FFT and not least Loudness readings and Logging.  

Picture Preview - 3G SDI Video Monitoring
DK Meter now features Picture Preview of the incoming SDI stream, allowing for a quick check or even turning DK Meter into a mini video monitor.  

SMPTE Timecode Reading
As an addition to the already extensive Logging facilities of DK Meter, we are now adding SMPTE timecode reading, allowing on-screen timecode readout and logging against timecode, for perfect tracking and precision.    

The new software will be free of charge on

PT0800 - Audio & Waveform Monitor Step Up
At IBC we will be launching the new PT0800 Audio and Waveform Monitor. This flagship addition to our range introduces a unique combination of Audio, Loudness and Waveform monitoring at the highest precision. The tool set of the PT0800 includes our extensive collection of audio and video tools allowing it to blend into virtually any metering application.

Customization beyond belief
Not only is the PT0800 equipped with an impressive tools collection, it also features a level of customization topping virtually any other meter out there. Screen layouts, front panel buttons may all be completely defined by you and similarly the hardware configuration allows for input/output options counting AES, HD SDI, Analogue and Dolby E formats allowing 4 camera inputs alongside up to 64 audio inputs and 16 outputs, all under preset control.

PT0800 IBC 201303aa11

PT5300 - New LTC Engine & 3G Compatibility
New & Improved LTC Engine
Our field proven PT5300 Master Sync Generator steps up its LTC performance with the new engine. In master sync applications, the LTC fallback function allows the PT5300 to align with the internal high precision clock - highly relevant in situations of inadequate GPS coverage.  
In slave sync applications the LTC engine enables genlock to VITC time code derived from the black-burst input.

3G Compatibility
Both the PT5300 and PT5211 are being prepared for 3G compatibility towards the end of 2013. The 3G upgrade will be available as an optional hardware module and will be backwards compatible with existing PT5300 units.

PT5300 IBC 2013751d9a