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IBC 2013 - Hity Produktowe DK

DK-T7 - Measure Up!

dk-t7 smallOur brand new 7” Multi touch Audio & Loudness Meter Comes Loaded with Features

The DK-T7 marks another high point in Audio & Loudness Metering. Complete with all our well-known high precision metering tools as well as 3G SDI, 8 ch. AES I/O, Headphone out and more, the DK-T7 has you covered in any possible application.

Features included in every DK-T7

  • Bar-graphs & Moving Coil emulation
  • Loudness Logging to all major industry standards
  • StarFish® & JellyFish®
  • FFT Spectrum Analysis
  • 3G SDI Picture Preview
  • SMPTE readout & Logging
  • 3G SDI – 16. Ch. I/O
  • AES3 – 8 ch. I/O
  • Analogue – 2 ch. In/Headphone out
  • HDMI Screen output
  • USB / Ethernet Control
LTC & VITC Decoding + 3G Compatibility

With the New LTC engine on board, the PT5300 in Master sync applications features a fallback function aligning to the internal high precision clock, when GPS coverage might be patchy or inadequate.
In slave sync applications the PT5300 LTC engine can be genlocked to GPS as well as to VITC time-code derived from the black-burst input.
The PT5300 will become 3G compatible by the end of 2013.

ltc vitc small

PT0800: Step Up the WFM Game

pt0800 smallOur PT0800 Flagship Audio and Waveform Monitor

With a new high bright TFT and fully equipped with the complete palette of Audio, Loudness and Waveform monitoring tools,
the PT0800 is ready to take on the world.
With the completely user definable views and buttons functions, the PT0800 can adapt to virtually any metering application.


  • Complete Audio Metering Suite
  • Complete Waveform Monitor Suite
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Modular I/O: SDI, AES, Dolby E etc.
  • Up to 64 Audio Inputs/16 outputs
  • Up to 4 SDI video inputs , 1 SDI output
  • Self-sensing genlock input, Blackburst / Trilevel
  • High Bright, High Resolution TFT
  • Loudness Logging