Neuron solves every processing task a broadcaster encounters in the IP and legacy domains, enabling multiple channels in a single device.
No more physical cascading of products. Now you interconnect in any order desired.


IP Processing options

Video processing

NPG3200 – Generic Neuron 16 channel Audio/video processor upgradable to 32 channels

NPG1600 – IP gateway, bridge, synchronizer, a processor for all-IP, all-SDI and hybrid video and audio

HDR Conversion

The HDR processors can convert any HDR content from BT.2100-PQ, BT.2100-HLG or Slog3 into a BT.1886/BT.709 SDR version. This conversion is perfectly reversible (SDR to HDR) so that the resulting video is visually identical to the original source.

NPH1616 – IP gateway, bridge, synchronizer, processor for IP, SDI and hybrid video and audio systems with HDR<>SDR conversion.

JPEG XS conversion

With the JPEG XS option, based on IntoPix’s ISO standardized JPEG XS codec, Axon’s Neuron product line is enhanced with compression and decompression functionality.

NJP1600 – Neuron JPEG-Xs video processor with HD or UHD encoder