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Total Playout


VectorBox offers simultaneous ingest and playout with graphics from a single chassis and takes the channel-in-a-box solution to new heights of versatility and reliability.


VectorBox is the standard of quality for channels that are looking for a cost-effective solution for their playout. Besides automating continuity playout, VectorBox generates live graphics to enable full channel branding. Integral use of XML for all metadata guarantees compatibility with any database or file system.


With more than 1000 installed around the world, the VectorBox contemporary user interface, universal file format player, integrated effects engine, exceptional channel branding and extensive router support make it the undisputed total playout solution.


Contemporary User Interface


Ergonomically designed for managing fast-paced live and automated playout environments. (image of interface) (pop-up content)The fully customizable VectorBox interface has been designed by game developers and in collaboration with broadcast engineers – offering all the right data and media at the right time. Optimal user experience and workflow allows operators to act and re-act with absolute confidence.


Features include clear warnings, clocks and countdowns as well as manual control for every device in the workflow, clip trimming directly in the playout manager or catalogue and clip thumbnails for greater security.




Universal File Format Player


Advanced Architecture Automates Format Conversions of every file format to ensure total playout

Playing video from hard disk is no longer a challenge for any manufacturer. VectorBox codes and decodes file formats within the operating system itself. This innovation means that VectorBox not only supports all major broadcast codecs and wrappers but will continue to support new formats as they appear on the market.

Currently supported compression formats include: Mpeg2 IBP and I-Frame, DVCAM, DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50, MJPEG and IMX30/40/50, and supported file formats include Quicktime from Final Cut Pro, MXF, raw DV and AVI.




Integrated Effects Engine


Integrated Effects Engine offers full range of high-quality transitions with audio control and compositing capabilities.

The VectorBox video server also allows you to add - on the fly - a wide range of transitions between clips, such as fades, wipes, and fade-to-black, all with corresponding audio control. Deeper feature capabilities include the ability to crop, rotate, adjust color and more… adding a whole new dimension to the video server concept.



Exceptional Channel Branding


Exceptional Channel Branding offers everything from logo insertion and tickers to sophisticated flash animations and interactive quizzes.

Vector 3 started out as a graphics company and naturally we have championed the cause of exceptional channel branding through use of graphics since the first ever VectorBox release back in 1995. As a result, VectorBox offers unbeatable possibilities from basic logo insertion and tickers to Flash animations to give your channel an outstanding identity in the market.

The VectorBox integrated channel branding feature set makes it easy to create dynamic CG templates for news tickers, titling, clocks, quizzes, "What's up next" and weather graphics using any graphic file format and alphabet. These can be used in combination with effects such as shading, transparencies, and video effects such as zooms and squeeze backs to brilliantly present a creative idea, provide for audience interaction and increase profits through SMS chat or advertising and sponsorships.




Extensive Router Support


Extensive Router Support means that broadcasters have a choice in technology options that fit their needs

The most complete set of remote equipment:








  • KNOX



  • LES



  • PESA Switching




  • SONY






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