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ProdysControlPlus is a Windows application for centralizing the management of all Prodys audio and video over IP codecs. The codecs that are liable to be controlled with ProdysControlPlus are those belonging to the ProntoNet, Nereus, Nomada and Ikusnet families.
ProdysControlPlus is an evolution from ProdysControl. Its main advantages are:

  • Allows the codecs' remote management through firewalls and 3G/4G communications.
  • Much easier to install and maintain thanks to a simpler database system.
  • Enhanced graphical interface permits establishing calls faster and easier.
  • No hardware dongle required.
  • User-configurable graphical background.
  • Video codecs management.

Ikusmatrix is an option to install in ProdysControlPlus to make easier to the user to control the establishment of connections from/to several different video codecs from a single window, quickly and remotely. It is a tool designed to manage in a simple way a large number of Ikusnet video codecs, especially when there are more encoders than decoders and a rapid switching of incoming video streams is desirable. The main advantages of Ikusmatrix are:
1. Allows include all the previews in a single management screen.
2. Establishes video communications using “drag & drop”.
3. Establishes talkback channel audio communications with a single

Ikusmatrix Window is divided in two areas.
1. Inputs: In the upper part, where the video encoding units are located.
2. Live: In the lower part, where the video decoding units are located.

The codecs icons show the preview of the video inputs to be encoded. This preview is a picture that updates every second.

Under the preview the name of the codec is displayed on a black band. Under the name, the status is displayed. The status can take three values:
1. Offline (black): The codec is not accessible to ProdysControlPlus.
2. Online (blue): The codec is accessible but there is no established
3. Live (green): The codec is connected.

At the top right of the preview image is a small square with the silhouette of a human face. Clicking on this square a talkback bidirectional communication between the two codecs is established.

To make the connection between one encoder device located in the "Inputs" area and one decoder located in the "Live" area simply drag the encoder icon at the top to the decoder icon at the bottom. To perform this operation is necessary that the “Edition Mode” box is not ticked in the Ikusnet toolbar. To undo a communication simply drag the icon from the bottom to the top.

To enable a bidirectional talkback communication just click on the black box in the upper right corner of the icon. When the call is established, the square becomes green.

It’s possible to set one of the codecs in the “Live” area as single receiver of the talkback calls. To do that you have to right-click on the codec’s name appearing on the Device Catalog Area and mark the “Video Grid Global Talkback Device” option.
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