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ddp miniThe MiniDDP48D is a modular all flash Ethernet SAN Shared Storage Server in one box.

The miniDDP48D has a built in metadata controller and can be configured with RAID 5 sets of SSDs. It currently can hold up to 48 SSDs with capacities od 1, 2 and 4TB. It can be partly populated so additional SSD packs can be added later.

When SSDs are added later data can be redistributed automatically. An SSD pack consisting of 4 or 8 SSDs can be from 4 to 32  TB. With an EX card in the DDP additional storage arrays such as DDP16EX, DDP24EX and DDP60EXR can be added on the fly again with automated data redistribution. DDPs can be added on the y as well with the upcoming V5 software version. This  results in linear scaling of both capacity and bandwidth.

DDP conceptionally works with one virtual volume/lesystem which holds Folders with Volume properties, so called Folder Volumes. Data itself is stored in Data Locations. Quota can be assigned to Folder Volumes to manage capacity. Also Data Locations can be assigned to Folder Volumes. When balanced is selected incoming media is distributed over Data Locations.

miniDDP48DF Base System 4U [LINK]
Broszura [LINK]
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