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dk1 plusDK Meter – Compact Audio & Loudness Metering
Metering Complete - More than Simply Loudness

Hit your Audio and Loudness sweet-spot with outstanding precision and instant overview – no matter the standard or target. The DK Meter range is the perfect and surprisingly affordable ‘One box solution’ for any high resolution metering application counting; broadcast, film & post production as well as live transmission and recording. Whether you want instant readouts and overview of a few key target levels, phase and channel correlation or detailed Loudness logging, DK Meter is the answer.
  • Bargraphs or Moving Coil – Your choice of metering tool
  • JellyFish™ & StarFish™ Channel and Phase relations – Phase Security
  • Clear Loudness metering & readout – Loudness conformity at a glance
  • Real time True Peak PPM – Optimized level with no hidden ‘overs’
  • Compliant with all major loudness standards – Always hit your target
  • Loudness and True Peak Logging – Document, Review & Analyse
  • SMPTE Reader – Readout and Log against Time code
  • FFT Spectrum Analysis – See and secure your audio from any angle
  • Compact design (132 x 88 x 18mm) – Easy placement and Installation
  • Flexible and User definable setup – Personalize to your workflow
  • SDI 3G, AES/EBU, Analogue – Choose the input format for you
Instant Overview - Your Decide The Mix
View Complex Audio information in Simple Ways
DK Meter gives instant overview of your audios performance. The specific mix of read-outs, meters, tools and even screen orientation is decided by you. DK Meter simply secures a crystal clear reading to your liking.
DK M explanations
Horizontal or Vertical - You are the View Master
Adapt Your Setup to Match Your Way of Working

Moving coil landscapeDefine the view and the combination of tools and read-outs and screen orientation that you want to see on your meter. DK Meter comes loaded with a toolbox that tops virtually any other meter of the industry, as well as a number of different ways to view them – be horizontal or vertical. Combine them the way you like to monitor your audio performance.
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