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synMCMaster Control System
SynMC allows you to take complete control of your automation and transmission hardware and software panels. Control can be either through our own Cortex control software, via our respected Axon Control Protocol or via third-party automation software through a dedicated Ethernet port. Combine it with our SynView multiviewer range to drive an integrated and productive broadcast operation.

axon syncrossCompact routers
Up to 40x40 routing in a full Synapse compatible form factor
SynCross is a Synapse based modular video routing system capable of switching 3Gb/s, HD, SD, fiber, CVBS and HDMI signals, as well as compressed domain signals such as ASI/DVB and SSI/SMPTE-310. The SynCross routing system can occupy from 1 slot in a Synapse frame for a 8 input / 8 output system up to 5 slots for a system with 40 inputs and outputs. It is very simple to expand a SynCross system up to 40 inputs and outputs, both in electrical or fiber or a mix between optical and electrical. This system can be controlled via Ethernet, Cortex Control Panels or Cortex. ACP and a RS422 port are available for control with automation systems. SynCross uses a special interconnection board that connects 2, 3, 4 or 5 connector panels.

smart dvbSmart DVB to kompletny zestaw narzędzi służących do monitorowania, raportowania i analizy transmisji MPEG-2 oraz DVB w czasie rzeczywistym. To potężne i wszechstronne narzędzie umożliwia nadawcom i operatorom zapewnienie prawidłowej transmisji, zgodnej ze standardami z odpowiednią jakością obrazu i dźwięku na każdym etapie cyfrowej dystrybucji przy zapewnieniu wydajności sytemu na najwyższym poziomie.

The ultimate in automated, non-stop, digital recording and archiving.

tracs2 150x100When you really 'must' do something, why not make it easy on yourself? And cost-effective too? Like compliance recording.More and more broadcasters worldwide are now legally obliged to provide recordings of their transmissions pretty much on-demand. It’s important. Being able to quickly prove that a transmission actually happened can help to resolve a dispute, or maintain advertiser confidence. Our 3rd generation compliance recording system makes compliance easier, more efficient and cost-effective than ever. We have re-engineered TRACS from the ground up. New software, improved hardware and an extended range of features bring unprecedented levels of efficiency and reliability to the whole process of transmission recording, storage and retrieval.

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