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AZilPix fullAZilPix Studio.One is a unique and balanced combination of camera and IT hardware and software, making capturing an event from multiple vantage points practical, using ultra-high resolution cameras equipped with wide angle lenses. Everything is captured - nothing is missed. Software based pan-tilt-zoom “virtual camera” cut-outs allow to reverse the order of framing a perfect shot and view angle selection, rendering video production less labor intensive. Studio.One allows events such as music festivals, sports events, conferences, church services, surgical operations etc, to be captured with as few as one single operator. It enables simultaneous conventional and VR video production


Studio.One key features:

  • Ultra-high-res cameras with wide-angle or 360° lenses
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom views during or after capturing the event
  • Server processes the camera feeds to output video streams live and real-time
  • Usable for live- as well as post-productions
  • Lens distortions are corrected to perfect cut-outs
  • Several virtual feeds per physical camera possible
  • Multiple simultaneous outputs (synchronized)
  • Multiple-camera capture with just a single operator
  • IP-broadcast and VR compatible
  • Very easy and intuïtive interface
  • Control and monitoring possible with Axon Cerebrum
  • Real time image processing (noise reduction, detail enhancements, ASC CDL compatible shading, etc.)
  • On-screen metering tools (waveform, vector scope, etc.)
  • 4RU server to facilitate up to 6 cameras
  • Set camera lens correction, color calibration, exposure, white balance; manual or automatic

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