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synview 300Najszybszy na świecie podzielnik obrazu IP 4K

Jeżeli chodzi o szybkość i elastyczność SynView nie da się porównać z żadnym innym rozwiązaniem na rynku. To potężny, modułowy system podzielników obrazu, który obsługuje zarówno format wideo 4K oraz IP. Dzięki znacznie ulepszonej specyfikacji, SynView oferuje najniższe w branży opóźnienie na poziomie jednej ramki (20 ms @ 50Hz oraz 16,7ms @ 59,94Hz). Dzięki zewnętrznej pętli system umożliwia podłączenie nieograniczonej liczby kanałów wejściowych

axon synapseInterfacing and Conversion
Synapse is a modular system containing multiple 19” frames, active hot swappable cards and (mostly) passive connector panels. It is designed to support demanding mission critical applications in the broadcast industry. Although Synapse has a unique approach and is unequalled in its flexibility you could position the system in what the industry calls ‘glue’, ‘infrastructure equipment’, ‘terminal gear’ or just ‘modular equipment’.

AZilPix introAZilPix Studio.One is a unique and balanced combination of camera and IT hardware and software, making capturing an event from multiple vantage points practical, using ultra-high resolution cameras equipped with wide angle lenses. Everything is captured - nothing is missed. Software based pan-tilt-zoom “virtual camera” cut-outs allow to reverse the order of framing a perfect shot and view angle selection, rendering video production less labor intensive.

axon neuron logoVideo/audio over Ethernet
Axon has been working to develop a clear path for customers; we have moved from AVB, via ST2022 to TR03 (and TR04). This shift in focus in itself is not a big deal – our development team has always been well placed to react to the market - but these technologies are as equal as they are different and all are very complex. It is clear that ST2022 is here to stay in some applications. Whether TR03 will be embraced completely by our industry still needs to be seen. The signs are all there. When that happens, we will have to deal with both 2022 and TR03 for many years to come.

img485V175Q3577Qdm axonBroadcast control and monitoring
Cerebrum is a Windows-based system whose advanced functionality and broad range of features simplify multi device monitoring and control onto one easy-to-use interface. Cerebrum forms the brains behind your many and varied workflows. It allows users to remotely:

  • Configure a complex workflow in a short amount of time
  • Manage and Report events using hierarchical system status
  • Control devices via an intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface
  • Maintain a workflow over its lifetime

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